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Deluxe CD/DVD edition of the British Hard Rock band's 1987 hit album including bonus live tracks plus a DVD containing videos and live performances. British vocalist extraordinaire David Coverdale paid his dues early on with Deep Purple before setting a new course with the group he has led since the late '70s. Though the band released several successful albums prior to this, none matched the almost debut quality or the impact that this hit-driven, melodic-yet-heavy-rockin' release attained. Powered by the energetic #1 single 'Here I Go Again' and the soulful ballad 'Is This Love,' which reached #2, fans of Whitesnake embraced the album with open arms as it went on to sell over 6 million copies to date in the U.S. alone.

Release Date: 2010-04-20

[Disc 1]
1. Still of the Night
2. Give Me All Your Love
3. Bad Boys
4. Is This Love
5. Here I Go Again 87
6. Straight for the Heart
7. Looking for Love
8. Children of the Night
9. You're Gonna Break My Heart
10. Crying in the Rain
11. Don't Turn Away
12. Give Me All Your Love [Live] [Live]
13. Is This Love [Live] [Live]
14. Here I Go Again [Live] [Live]
15. Still of the Night [Live] [Live]
16. Still of the Night
[Disc 2]
1. Still of the Night [Video]
2. Here I Go Again 87 [Video]
3. Is This Love [Video]
4. Give Me All Your Love [Video]
5. Give Me All Your Love [Live] [Live]
6. Is This Love [Live] [Live]
7. Here I Go Again [Live] [Live]
8. Still of the Night [Live] [Live]