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With an eclecticism characteristic of it's members, Waterson: Carthy's first album draws upon not only the archives of British folksong but a Morris tune and a Texas waltz. What is transmitted to the listener, however, is not so much the skill of their research as the virtuosity with which they breathe life into it's matter.

Release Date: 1994-11-15

1. Bold Doherty
2. Light Dragoon
3. Ye Mariners All
4. Rags and Tatters/An Moinfeuir
5. With Kitty I'll Go
6. Grey Cock
7. When First I Came to Caledonia
8. Orange in Bloom (The Sherborne Waltz)
9. Slave's Lament/Farewell to a Dark Haired
10. John Hamilton
11. Sleep on Beloved
12. Midnight on the Water