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Sub Pop

2009 triple vinyl LP pressing of this career-spanning retrospective from the Scottish Indie rockers. The Vaselines have long been celebrated by musicians and Rock enthusiasts across the globe, including superfan Kurt Cobain, while remaining underappreciated by the mainstream. Enter The Vaselines is their definitive collection. Includes new mixes and re-mastered versions of material previously available on the Way of The Vaselines, plus never-before-heard demos, and live recordings from 1986 in Bristol and 1988 in London.

Release Date: 2009-05-05

[Disc 1]
1. Son Of A Gun
2. Rory Rides Me Raw
3. You Think You're A Man
4. Dying For It
5. Molly's Lips
6. Teenage Superstars
7. Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
[Disc 2]
1. Sex Sux (Amen)
2. Slushy
3. Monsterpussy
4. Bitch
5. No Hope
6. Oliver Twisted
7. Day I Was A Horse, The
8. Dum Dum
9. Hairy
10. Lovecraft
11. Dying For It (The Blues)
12. Let's Get Ugly
[Disc 3]
1. Son of a Gun (Demo)
2. Rosary Job (Demo)
3. Red Poppy (Demo)
4. Son Of A Gun (Live in Bristol)
5. Rosary Job (Live In Bristol)
6. Red Poppy (Live In Bristol)
7. Rory Rides Me Raw (Live In Bristol)
8. You Think You're A Man (Live In Bristol)
9. Dying For It (Live In London)
10. Monster Pussy (Live In London)
11. Let's Get Ugly (Live In London)
12. Molly's Lips (Live In London)
13. Day I Was A Horse (Live In London)
14. The Day I Was A Horse (Live In London)
15. Sex Sux (Live In London)
16. I Didn't Know I Love You Until I Saw You Rock'n'roll (Live in London)
17. Teenage Superstars (Live In London)