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Hip-O Records

Robert Cray was widely anointed as a blues savior early on, and it would be hard to imagine a better candidate for the job. Since beginning his recording career in 1980, the versatile singer/ guitarist has consistently demonstrated the raw talent to carry the electric blues tradition forward, as well as the flexibility and artistic vision to expand the form. Both a subtly soulful singer and a sublime guitarist with a knack for concise, expressive solos, Cray played a crucial role in popularizing the blues for new generations of rock-weaned listeners. This collection includes the legendary Blues guitarists 16 career-spanning hits.

Release Date: 2007-02-27

1. Phone Booth
2. Bad Influence
3. Playin' in the Dirt
4. Smoking Gun
5. I Guess I Showed Her
6. Right Next Door (Because of Me)
7. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
8. Forecast (Calls for Pain)
9. Consequences
10. I Was Warned
11. I Shiver
12. Moan
13. Trick or Treat
14. Love Gone to Waste
15. Survivor
16. Poor Johnny