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Def Jam

You can't go into a club, get into a car or walk down the block without hearing the clarion call keyboards of Ross' earthquake of a single, Hustlin'. It's the early frontrunner for street anthem of the year on Ross' debut LP, Port of Miami, you are immediately immersed in a fully fleshed out world. Rick Ross is part of a bubbling Miami scene. Rick Ross' Miami is one where drug deals and dropped bodies happen in the shadows of Art Deco hotels and plush night clubs. It's the luxury and the tragedy. It's the American dream, and an American nightmare. This is the clean version.

Release Date: 2006-08-08

1. Intro
2. Push It
3. Blow
4. Hustlin'
5. Cross That Line
6. I'm Bad
7. Boss
8. For Da Low
9. Where My Money (I Need That)
10. Get Away
11. Hit U From The Back
12. White House
13. Pots And Pan
14. It's My Time
15. Street Life
16. Hustlin Remix
17. It Ain't a Problem
18. I'm A G
19. Prayer