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There's stubborn. And then there's Kaz stubborn. The singer/songwriter of Redlight King refused to take no for an answer when music business suits denied his request to sample a Neil Young classic, pressing relentlessly until he got a -yes.- More importantly, Kaz held on to vanquish the inner demons that nearly wrecked him several years ago. Now, with SOMETHING FOR THE PAIN, Redlight King's redemptive Hollywood Records debut album, Kaz relives both his darkest days and the turn-around, when he clawed his way back to the light. A latticework of rock and hip hop, the album conjures old school sounds, thanks to Kaz and producers Wally Gagel and Xandy Barry, as well as the good vibes at Hollywood's TGG Studios (now called Wax Studios, whose alums include Jimi Hendrix, the Doors and, yes, Neil Young).

Release Date: 2011-06-28

1. Something For The Pain
2. Bullet In My Hand
3. Old Man
4. City Life
5. Comeback
6. Drivin To Kalifornia
7. Built To Last
8. Underground
9. Little Darlin
10. Past The Gates
11. When The Dust Settles Down
12. [CD-ROM Track] [Multimedia Track]