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Quintus McCormick's acclaimed Delmark debut from 2009 Hey Jodie! (DMK 801) was one of the best soul-blues albums of the new millennium's first decade. Quintus' second CD Put It on Me! (DMK 815) proved he is one of contemporary Chicago's brightest stars. And now the prolific songwriter is back again with new joints, ready to pop. Plus there's Quintus own personal spin on covers of The Beatles' Oh! Darling, George Jackson's Still Called The Blues and Old Time Rock And Roll and more. Great blend of straight ahead blues, soul blues, r&b, funk and soul music. Anyway you look at it, it's Still Called The Blues.

Release Date: 2012-04-17

1. I Gotta Go
2. What's Good for the Goose
3. What Am I Gonna Do?
4. It Won't Work
5. Still Called the Blues
6. That's My Baby
7. Everybody Knows About My Good Thing
8. I'm In Love with You Baby
9. Oh! Darling
10. Searching For Your Love
11. Woke Up This Morning
12. Always
13. Old Time Rock and Roll