Format: Video>DVD

Eagle Rock

In November 1981, with 'Under Pressure' topping the charts in the UK, Queen arrived in Montreal following dates in Japan and their record-breaking tour of Latin America. It was to be the only concert by Queen that was ever shot on film. Always a great live band, with arguably the greatest front man of all time in Freddie Mercury, they excelled themselves with the cameras rolling. The picture has been digitally restored from the original film and the sound has been newly mixed and mastered for DTS Surround Sound and PCM Stereo from the original multi track tapes.

Release Date: 2007-10-30

1. Intro [PCM Stereo]
[Disc 1]
2. We Will Rock You [Fast Version] [PCM Stereo]
3. Let Me Entertain You [PCM Stereo]
4. Play the Game [PCM Stereo]
5. Somebody to Love [PCM Stereo]
6. Killer Queen [PCM Stereo]
7. I'm in Love with My Car [PCM Stereo]
8. Get Down, Make Love [PCM Stereo]
9. Save Me [PCM Stereo]
10. Now I'm Here [PCM Stereo]
11. Dragon Attack [PCM Stereo]
12. Now I'm Here (Reprise) [PCM Stereo]
13. Love of My Life [PCM Stereo]
14. Under Pressure [PCM Stereo]
15. Keep Yourself Alive [PCM Stereo]
16. Drum and Tympani Solo [PCM Stereo]
17. Guitar Solo [PCM Stereo]
18. Crazy Little Thing Called Love [PCM Stereo]
19. Jailhouse Rock [PCM Stereo]
20. Bohemian Rhapsody [PCM Stereo]
21. Tie Your Mother Down [PCM Stereo]
22. Another One Bites the Dust [PCM Stereo]
23. Sheer Heart Attack [PCM Stereo]
24. We Will Rock You [PCM Stereo]
25. We Are the Champions [PCM Stereo]
26. God Save the Queen [PCM Stereo]