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Trippin & Rhyth

Never one to stray too far from the studio, Paul Hardcastle again emerges from sequester with an all new collective of tunes purposed to provide escapism from the day to day, helping chip off the rough edges, providing a canvas of groovy ambient vibes assembled as only he can. Hardcastle has carved out a nice living and created millions of fans with his instrumental landscapes over the last three decades and "3" continues the journey he embarked on a few years back offering classic Hardcastle songs but with a chilled out Ibiza like twist. Travel the globe without so much as leaving the comfort of your surrounds as he creates a palate of multicultural atmospherics that seduce the ear, sonically rich, performed with meticulous precision. After millions of albums sold and an ever growing legion of died in wool fans Hardcastle continues to spin musical yarns that sooth the senses, vibey passages that lift, carry and elevate the mood. All that exists in the grooves here and your journey is just a mere push of a button away. More ice please!

Release Date: 2015-07-10