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Atlantis Music

FIXED - CD New Single
1992 release on TVT featuring various interpretations ofsongs that appear in their proper form on the 'Broken' EP. Six tracks, including 'Wish' (Remixed by J. G. Thirlwell),'Happiness Is Slavery' (Remixed by T. Reznor and Chris Vrenna with P. K.) and 'Fist F***' (Remixed by J. G. Thirlwell). Digipak.

Release Date: 2003-11-25

1. Gave Up (Remixed By Coil with Danny Hyde)
2. Wish (Remixed By J.G. Thirlwell)
3. Happiness in Slavery (Remixed By T. Reznor and Chris Vrenna)
4. Throw This Away (Assembled By T. Reznor and C. Vrenna)
5. Fist Fuck (Remixed By J. G. Thirlwell)
6. Screaming Slave (Reznor/Vrenna/Beavan/Brumbach/Flanagan)