Waters, Muddy - Complete Plantation Recordings (cd)

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Format: CD>New

Chess Records Barcode: 0076732934425


Release Date: 1993-06-08

1. Country Blues (Number One)
2. Interview #1 (Previously Unissued)
3. I Be's Troubled
4. Interview #2 (Previously Unissued)
5. Burr Clover Farm Blues (Previously Unissued)
6. Interview #3 (Previously Unissued)
7. Ramblin' Kid Blues (Partial. Previously Unissued)
8. Ramblin' Kid Blues
9. Rosalie
10. Joe Turner (Vocal: Percy Thomas)
11. Pearlie May Blues (Vocal: Percy Thomas)
12. Take A Walk With Me (Second Guitar: Son Simms)
13. Burr Clover Blues (Second Guitar: Son Simms)
14. Interview #4 (Previously Unrelaeased)
15. I Be Bound To Write To You
16. I Be Bound To Write To You (Second Version, Second Guitar: Charles Berry, Previously Unissued)
17. You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone (Number One)
18. You Got To Take Sick & Die Some Of These Days
19. Why Don't You Live So God Can Use You
20. Country Blues
21. You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
22. 32-20 Blues