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Lions Gate

Boris Karloff and Phyllis Diller lend their vocal talents to this glorious stop-motion animated parody of horror films. As Dr. Frankenstein makes plans for his retirement, he calls for a council meeting of all monsters dark and ghoulish to announce his replacement. As the word spreads that the doctor is going to choose his young nephew- protigi for the position, the visiting creatures begin to plot a nasty coup d'itat that would leave the sadistic Dr. Frankenstein retired "on ice." MAD MONSTER PARTY is the first of a run of animated hits (FROSTY THE SNOWMAN, LITTLE DRUMMER BOY, THE HOBBIT) by dreamweavers Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin. Starring Boris Karloff, Phyllis Diller, Gale Garnett Director Jules Bass

Release Date: 2009-09-08