Format: Video>DVD


The biggest selling female artist of the 1990s invites her fans to join her onstage and backstage as she travels aournd the world on a concert tour with stops in Australia, Hawaii, Japan and glittering Manhattan. Through the magic of Dolby Digital multi-channel Surround sound, you'll experience in full power of some of Mariah's biggest hits and revel in a series of very speical exclusive performance. (1999) Running time: 45 minutes.

Release Date: 1999-04-27

1. Butterfly Intro/Emotions
2. Fantasy
3. Dreamlover
4. My All
5. Japan/New York
6. Conversation With Brenda K. Starr
7. I Still Believe
8. I'll Be There
9. Fun in Australia
10. Hopelessly Devoted to You
11. #1's Fan Appreciation Party
12. Whenever You Call
13. Honey
14. Hero
15. Butterfly
16. Breakdown