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Def Jam

Ludacris releases his newest album RELEASE THERAPY, which includes appearances by Pharrell, R Kelly, Bobby Valentino, and Young Jeezy. RELEASE THERAPY includes the first single "Money Maker" and also includes production by the Neptunes, Trak Starz, Dre & Vidal, Polow Da Don, the Runners and Kenjo.

Release Date: 2006-09-26

1. Warning (Intro)
2. Grew Up A Screw Up
3. Money Maker
4. Girls Gone Wild
5. Ultimate Satisfaction
6. Mouths To Feed
7. End Of The Night
8. Woozy
9. Tell It Like It Is
10. War With God
11. Do Your Time
12. Slap
13. Runaway Love
14. Freedom Of Preach