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Analog Sparks

Limited vinyl LP repressing of this classic 1969 album from the late singer/songwriter. On New York Tendaberry, Laura's piano and voice roam free amid the stripped-down pleasures on her third album, her biggest hit (#32 pop). Intimate, melancholy and darkly shaded, this LP is still the most transfixing Laura Nyro moment for countless worshippers across the globe: "You Don't Love Me When I Cry," "Save the Country," "Time and Love," "Captain Saint Lucifer," "Captain for Dark Mornings," "Mercy on Broadway," the title track and more. New York Tendaberry is strongly influenced by Nyro's hometown, New York City. Nyro sings of lovers and romances in a notably darker tone than on her previous album Eli And The Thirteenth Confession. Musically, New York Tendaberry is far more intimate than any other Nyro album. The lack of multi-layered instrumentation and pop hooks is a departure from Eli. The album is built around her voice and piano. The use of strings and classical instrumentation is also notable. Nyro guided co-producer and engineer Roy Halee using color metaphors. She could not understand musical notation, and used other analogies to communicate what she wanted.

Release Date: 2016-12-09

1. You Don't Love Me When I Cry
2. Captain for Dark Mornings
3. Tom Cat Goodbye
4. Mercy on Broadway
5. Save the Country
6. Gibsom Street
7. Time and Love
8. The Man Who Sends Me Home
9. Sweet Lovin' Baby
10. Captain Saint Lucifer
11. New York Tendaberry