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Here's the prime cuts from the last twenty years on 2 CDs from Australia's favorite larrikin Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson. Contains extreme language & extreme political incorrectness! Both Barrels. 2004.

Release Date: 2004-09-14

1. I Gave Up Wanking
[Disc 1]
2. The Festival Of Life
3. Kev's Courtin' Song
4. Mick The Master Farter
5. The Pubic Hair Song
6. Hey Santa Claus
7. Dick'taphone
8. It Was Over (Kev's Lament)
9. Manuel The Bandito
10. The Kid (He Swears A Bit)
11. Super Mega Fugly
12. Double Decker Dog
13. The Featherbrain Championship
14. Ollie And Olga
15. The Builder
16. Me Dick (Just Dialled Your Number)
17. She's The Sorta Sheila
18. Hello John (The John Laws Song) (Clean Version)
19. Grandad's Got A Bone
20. The Local
21. Bali Belly Song
22. That Fucking Cat's Back
23. She's A Good'n
24. Nigel Talkabout
25. D.i.l.l.i.g.a.f
26. Can't Say Cunt In Canada
27. Absolute Cunt Of A Day
28. New Christmas Song
29. Chucka Browneye
30. Chucka Browneye For Australia
31. Living Next Door To Alan
32. Rootin' In The Back Of The Ute