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Ent. One

With TRAVELER, Jerry has finally recorded an album that will even further elevate his already impressive stature from super-sideman to a bona fide front-rank creator of musical Americana. Produced by Russ Titelman and recorded in New Orleans, Nashville, and London, this ambitious collection of vocals and instrumentals enlists a truly awesome cast of characters in support of an epic vision that combines Country/Bluegrass, R&B, and even a ballad with roots in the British Isles.

Release Date: 2012-06-26

1. On a Monday
2. Something You Got
3. So Here We Are
4. The Boxer
5. Duke and Cookie
6. High Blood Pressure
7. Gone To Fortingall
8. Right On Time
9. American Tune/Spain
10. Frozen Fields
11. King Silkie