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The pride of Yazoo City, Mississippi, by way of Liberty, was a down-home, folksy storyteller who parlayed his talent as a fertilizer salesman into a career in show business. By all accounts, it was his "accounts" that led him in that direction. Clower had a way with spinning a sales pitch into yarns and tall tales about life in the south, by way of the fictitious Ledbetter family and the humorous stories he created - knowing well that his Southern audiences could definitely relate to a character or two. Comedy presents itself in a variety of styles and the late Jerry Clower's style was wholesome, nuanced primarily for the South - with a semi-religious undertone - and all told in good taste.

Release Date: 2011-01-04

1. Southern Humor [1981/Live] 3:12
2. Examples Of A Red Neck [1993/Live] 2:33
3. Grits [Live (1987)] 3:11
4. Idiotic Lawsuits [Live (1998)] 3:20
5. Squirrel Huntin' [Live (1998)] 1:57
6. A Coon Huntin' Story [1971/Live] 7:20
7. Do You Want Some Soup? [Live (Dollywood)] 3:20
8. Marines Are Tough [Live (1985 Camp Lejeune Marine Base)] 2:53
9. You're On My List [1981/Live] 2:42
10. Uncle Versie And The Gambler [Live (Belmont College)] USMC18010287 3:59
11. Marcel's Talkin' Chain Saw [1971/Live] USMC17115620 3:45
12. World's Largest Bull [Live (Dollywood)] USMC19651907 2:45
13. Seein' Eye Dog [1996/Live In Dollywood, TN] 2:53
14. The Deacon's Last Words [Live (1998)] 1:48
15. My Mri [Live (1998)] 5:10
16. The Last Day Of School [1983/Live At Cleburn High School, Cleburn, TX] 3:13