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Deluxe CD/DVD edition of the Alt-Rock band's 2009 release, the follow-up to their Gold-certified Swan Songs release. Desperate Measures includes seven brand new studio recordings plus bonus live tracks. The DVD contains over 60 minutes worth of footage taken from their sold out Hollywood Undead TCB Summer Tour.

Release Date: 2009-11-10

[Disc 1]
1. Dove and Grenade
2. Tear It Up
3. Shout at the Devil
4. Immigrant Song
5. Bad Town
6. El Urgencia
7. Everywhere I Go [Castle Renhold r Mix] [Remix]
8. Undead [Live]
9. Sell Your Soul [Live]
10. California [Live]
11. Black Dahlia [Live]
12. Everywhere I Go [Live]
13. No. 5 [Live]
[Disc 2]
1. Intro/Undead [Multimedia Track]
2. Sell Your Soul [Multimedia Track]
3. Faking the Folk [Multimedia Track]
4. Bottle and a Gun [Multimedia Track]
5. What's in a Name? [Multimedia Track]
6. California [Multimedia Track]
7. First Time [Multimedia Track]
8. No Other Place [Multimedia Track]
9. City [Multimedia Track]
10. Favorite [Multimedia Track]
11. Paradise Lost [Multimedia Track]
12. Black Dahlia [Multimedia Track]
13. Young [Multimedia Track]
14. I Think I Just Puked My Soul Out [Multimedia Track]
15. Everywhere I Go [Multimedia Track]
16. Lovin' da Kurlzz [Multimedia Track]
17. No. 5 [Multimedia Track]
18. Favorite [Video] [Multimedia Track]
19. Paradise Lost [Video] [Multimedia Track]
20. Black Dahlia [Video] [Multimedia Track]
21. Young [Video] [Multimedia Track]
22. I Think I Just Puked My Soul Out [Video] [Multimedia Track]
23. Everywhere I Go [Video] [Multimedia Track]
24. Lovin' Da Kurlzz [Video] [Multimedia Track]
25. No. 5 [Video] [Multimedia Track]