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Format: CD>New

Atlantis Music


Release Date: 2009-11-10

[Disc 1]
1. Dove and Grenade
2. Tear It Up
3. Shout at the Devil
4. Immigrant Song
5. Bad Town
6. El Urgencia
7. Everywhere I Go [Castle Renhold r Mix] [Remix]
8. Undead [Live]
9. Sell Your Soul [Live]
10. California [Live]
11. Black Dahlia [Live]
12. Everywhere I Go [Live]
13. No. 5 [Live]
[Disc 2]
1. Intro/Undead [Multimedia Track]
2. Sell Your Soul [Multimedia Track]
3. Faking the Folk [Multimedia Track]
4. Bottle and a Gun [Multimedia Track]
5. What's in a Name? [Multimedia Track]
6. California [Multimedia Track]
7. First Time [Multimedia Track]
8. No Other Place [Multimedia Track]
9. City [Multimedia Track]
10. Favorite [Multimedia Track]
11. Paradise Lost [Multimedia Track]
12. Black Dahlia [Multimedia Track]
13. Young [Multimedia Track]
14. I Think I Just Puked My Soul Out [Multimedia Track]
15. Everywhere I Go [Multimedia Track]
16. Lovin' da Kurlzz [Multimedia Track]
17. No. 5 [Multimedia Track]
18. Favorite [Video] [Multimedia Track]
19. Paradise Lost [Video] [Multimedia Track]
20. Black Dahlia [Video] [Multimedia Track]
21. Young [Video] [Multimedia Track]
22. I Think I Just Puked My Soul Out [Video] [Multimedia Track]
23. Everywhere I Go [Video] [Multimedia Track]
24. Lovin' Da Kurlzz [Video] [Multimedia Track]
25. No. 5 [Video] [Multimedia Track]