Forbidden Dance Is Lambada - Forbidden Dance Is Lambada (dvd)

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Format: Video>DVD

Sony Home Pictures Ent. Barcode: 0043396016651

Region 1


The Forbidden Dance is the story of Nisa (Laura Herring), a beautiful princess from Brazil who, concerned over the destruction of her homeland and the rainforest's by a giant, multinational corporation, travels to Los Angeles to meet with the company's chairman. But her visit is in vain - she is prevented from arranging a meeting. Despondent and discouraged, Nisa accepts a job as a maid to make ends meet while she's in America. There, she falls in love with Jason (Jeff James), the handsome son of her employer. She teaches him the passionate and erotic dance of her home... Lambada. Together they decide the only way to deliver the message to the American people is to enter a Lambada dance contest. But Jason's ex-girlfriend wants to prevent it, and the corporation wants to prevent it and both are willing to stop at nothing to keep them off the dance floor.

Release Date: 2003-09-30