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The upward trajectory continues as the band releases it's first full-length record, FIGHT WITH TOOLS. Representing a year's worth of writing and recording, the record is a fire-breathing rallying cry for all free-thinking individuals fed-up with the violence and apathy that have thus far defined the new millennium. Armed with musicianship, intelligence, and a passionate loyalty to the power of creation, Flobots are looking to engage a new musical culture, one mind at a time.

Release Date: 2008-05-20

1. 1 There's a War Going on For Your Mind
2. 2 Mayday!!!
3. 3 Same Thing
4. 4 Stand Up
5. 5 Fight With Tools
6. 6 Handlebars
7. 7 Never Had It
8. 8 Combat
9. 9 Rhythm Method, The (Move!)
10. 10 Anne Braden
11. 11 We Are Winning
12. 12 Rise