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Format: CD>New

Atlantis Music


Release Date: 2008-04-15

1. Mortal Man & The King
2. Silfvertounged
3. Solstice & Sleepwalking
4. Demonaria I: Heart of the Devil's Keep: My Blood
5. Demonaria I: Heart of the Devil's Keep: Wit
6. Demonaria I: Heart of the Devil's Keep: Simeons Monologue
7. Lambmendtations
8. Sister Faerytale
9. Demonaria II: Luminouses Gift: Spells of Six and Tears of Three
10. Demonaria II: Luminouses Gift: Missfortune
11. Demonaria II: Luminouses Gift: Ribbons
12. Harkencraft & the Witch of Marbeled Halls
13. Demonaria III: Grin: Murder of Kroues
14. Demonaria III: Grin: Severed
15. Demonaria III: Grin: Vow of Feebleman
16. Soul Search King
17. Rekindleself
18. Liars in Wait
19. Demonaria IV: Warring: Crosses and Biblewars
20. Demonaria IV: Warring: Battlelost [Instrumental]
21. Demonaria IV: Warring: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woodwoman Scorned
22. True Worth of the Lie
23. Regency