Elsaffar,amir / Modirzadeh,hafez - Radif Suite (cd)

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Atlantis Music


Release Date: 2010-03-09

1. Radif-E Kayhan: Facet One
2. Radif-E Kayhan: Facet Two
3. Radif-E Kayhan: Facets Three/Four
4. Radif-E Kayhan: Facets Five/Six
5. Radif-E Kayhan: Facets Seven/Eight
6. Radif-E Kayhan: Facet Nine
7. Radif-E Kayhan: Facet Ten
8. Radif-E Kayhan: Facets Eleven/Twelve
9. Copper Suite: Introduction - Copper Refraction
10. Copper Suite: Post-Idiomatic Blues/Cells A
11. Copper Suite: Doves Over Zion (Dream of the Beloved)/Duet Interlude
12. Copper Suite: Uganda/Trio Interlude
13. Copper Suite: Bird of Prey
14. Copper Suite: Awj/Ancestral Memory
15. Copper Suite: 7 Quintuplets/Triptych/Bass Solo
16. Copper Suite: All Said and Done/Sirens/Reverence