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Mca Nashville

2014 album from the Country vocalist. Since his debut in 2009, David Nail has made a career of singing songs that few artists dare touch in contemporary Country music: sad songs. He has had hits with singles about cheating, breakups, and failed dreams and he has owned every one, singing as if from personal experience. Davids ability to make such tales of heartbreak and loss his own is what defines him as an artist - one capable of finding and recording songs that are deeply relatable to him and to listeners. And his cathartic album I'm a Fire continues that trend, albeit with a series of decidedly upbeat songs that reflects Davids own happiness. The albums 11 tracks, four of which were written by the Missouri native, captures for the first time, the energy of his live performance. If 2009 s I'M ABOUT TO COME ALIVE was a snapshot of David grasping for the stars and THE SOUND OF a MILLION DREAMS captured him struggling with success, then I'M a FIRE reflects an artist in control of his craft, a man fulfilled.