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Former cop David (Lou Diamond Phillips) found his life coming undone when five years ago his
daughter fell victim to a brutal attack. The subsequent emotional fallout cost him his marriage and his job and David abandoned his past. Taking a job as a security guard he now endures life with one mindless day at a time his wounds concealed but unhealed. One night during a routine inspection he stumbles across a young Serbian girl Anja escaping from a truck filled with the bodies of several young women all victims of a perfidious human trafficking racket.
But before he can find out what has happened he is involved in a shootout which lands him in
hospital and his appointed attorney (Deborah Kara Unger) tries to force him to sign a statement denying the incident. David resists and sets out to track down the white-slavery ring responsible for the women's death. Desperate to save Anja and find redemption for himself David becomes obsessed with searching for her in the seedy lowlife of the city. He enlists the help of a woman's refuge counsellor (Estella Warren) and embarks on a do-or-die mission to free the girl. But David is taking on Goliath and he has his back against the wall and a gun at his head.
Cast: Aaron Pearl, Deborah Kara Unger, Estella Warren, Jordana Largy, Lou Diamond Phillips This is an EX-Rental DVD Product that has been professionally cleaned and checked. Buy pre-loved as it's cheaper than digital and you get the artwork, All pre-loved product's guaranteed.

Type: X Rental

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