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The Laughing Apple is the fifteenth studio album by Cat Stevens/Yusuf. The album was released on 15 September 2017 by Cat-O-Log Records. It is Yusuf's fourth mainstream release since his return to music and his first one since 2014's acclaimed Tell 'Em I'm Gone. The album was produced by Cat Stevens/Yusuf & Paul Samwell-Smith and includes his 70s acoustic guitarist Alun Davies. . Its title is a reference to one of Cat Stevens' earlier hits, "The Laughing Apple" that was included in his 1967 album New Masters. 2017 release from the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens. Youll instantly recognize Yusufs spiritual seeking in song and his magical way with a melody as you hear "Blackness of the Night," "See What Love Did to Me," "Olive Hill," "Dont Blame Them," "Grandsons," the title song and more. And those charming illustrations? Theyre drawn by Yusuf himself! Verve. The album's cover features Yusuf's own illustration, the first time since 1972. Yusuf has drawn additional works of art for each of the 11 songs on The Laughing Apple.

Release Date: 2017-09-15

1. Blackness Of The Night 2:59
[Disc 1]
2. See What Love Did To Me 3:44
3. The Laughing Apple 3:02
4. Olive Hill 2:44
5. Grandsons 3:03
6. Mighty Peace 2:18
7. Mary And The Little Lamb 3:35
8. You Can Do (Whatever)! 3:10
9. Northern Wind (Death Of Billy The Kid) 2:41
10. Don't Blame Them 3:39
11. I'm So Sleepy 2:19