Bloc Party Intimacy - Bloc Party

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Track Listing

1. Ares (Bloc Party)
2. Mercury (Bloc Party)
3. Halo (Bloc Party)
4. Biko (Bloc Party)
5. Trojan Horse (Bloc Party)
6. Signs (Bloc Party)
7. One Month Off (Bloc Party)
8. Zephyrus (Bloc Party)
9. Better Than Heaven (Bloc Party)
10. Ion Square (Bloc Party)
11. Ares (Bloc Party)
12. Mercury (Bloc Party)
13. Halo (Bloc Party)
14. Biko (Bloc Party)
15. Trojan Horse (Bloc Party)
16. Signs (Bloc Party)
17. One Month Off (Bloc Party)
18. Zephyrus (Bloc Party)
19. Better Than Heaven (Bloc Party)
20. Ion Square (Bloc Party)

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