MY DREAM DUETS gives superstar Barry Manilow the opportunity to fulfill his musical fantasy of singing with many of his heroes. These duets with some of music's all-time greatest performers is Barry's way of celebrating the legacy of these legendary artists when they were at the prime of their careers. Manilow's genius as an arranger shines through when he takes the original vocal performances of these iconic stars and recasts them in duet settings with newly recorded tracks. Hearing Barry Manilow singing in harmony with voices that are instantly recognizable, affords the listener a chance to hear their signature songs in way that is instantly familiar yet decidedly new. Through his inspired choice of songs and the way he's interwoven his own vocals with those of his remarkable duet partners, Barry Manilow's MY DREAM DUETS puts a spotlight on the dynamism of Judy Garland, the raw emotion of Whitney Houston, the sentimental croon of Andy Williams, the electrifying R&B of Frankie Lymon, the life affirming joy of John Denver, the show-biz pizzaz of Sammy Davis, Jr., the sultry soul of Dusty Springfield, the exuberance of Jimmy Durante, the warm hearted style of Mama Cass, the seductive whisper of Marilyn Monroe and the ambassadorial good will of Louis Armstrong. Barry Manilow's MY DREAM DUETS is a testament to the fact that although the singers may be gone, their songs live on forever.