Ball Park Music Every Night The Same Dream

Format: CD New

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Ball Park Music return with the brilliant 'Every Night The Same Dream!'

The album was mostly an analogue affair, recorded to four-track tape at Sound Recordings in Castlemaine, Victoria with award winning producer and long-time collaborator Matt Redlich (Holy Holy, Emma Louise, Ainslie Wills).

Featuring "Pariah" and "Nihilist Party Anthem" it cements them as one of Australia's leading acts and rocks

  1. Feelings
  2. Ever Since I Turned the Lights On
  3. Whipping Boy
  4. Pariah
  5. Nihilist Party Anthem
  6. Peppy
  7. Leef
  8. Don't Look At Me Like That
  9. Blushing
  10. Suit Yourself