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Avishai Cohen, one of the greatest bassists and jazz bassists in the world, does not hide that best expressed musically in a jazz trio Convention. Presented plate opens the door to another dimension of artistic expression. Israeli artist chooses to her musical journey to lands, which have not frequented. The expedition was accompanied by his friends and great musicians, pianist Nitai Hershkovits and drummer Daniel Dor. "From Darkness " is a novelty, plus what we know in the implementation of Cohen and lots of subtle colors that are distributed with reverence throughout the album. Is the music of his homeland Avishai are Latino rhythms, some classics, and even stronger impact. Full panorama of sound. Songs like "Lost Tribe", " Amethyst ", " Signature ", " C # - " is music with a capital " m", which will be the listener for years. "I'm glad it's an album that puts the listener in spirit. Such an effect like to achieve by playing. At this, to me, is the essence of the music. I've worked hard to come to her. I know that for every life is hard. Exciting, terrible, also depression and almost unbearable. Then our music can help you. At least my help " - concludes Avishai Cohen.

Release Date: 2015-03-17

1. Beyond
2. Abie
3. Halelyah
4. C#
5. Ballad for An Unborn
6. From Darkness
7. Lost Tribe
8. Almah
9. Signature
10. Amethyst
11. Smile