AVISHAI COHEN - 1970 - Vinyl New

Atlantis Music

1970 is arguably the most personal recording that Cohen has made so far in his career, as the title refers to the year he was born. This album pushes all boundaries of jazz, we are dealing with the closest we can get to POP with Avishai. Unity, compassion, and togetherness have been recurrent themes in Cohens work to date, and he gives full vent to those feelings in the new album, especially with the piece "Song Of Hope." He also sketches out a more confessional emotional landscape with "My Lady" and "Move On", where he broaches the joy of love and the pain of heartbreak, drawing on the vocabulary of classic songwriters such as Stevie Wonder. In one of the most interesting artistic decisions on the album, Cohen puts his stamp on the timeless gospel anthem, "Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child". This new work reveals more layers of his artists personality as he approaches familiar and unfamiliar territories both in terms of material and arrangements. 1970 was a significant year and '1970' is a significant album in 2017.