About Us

Atlantis Music was established in 1998 with a mission to provide a unique shopping experience for our clients. We stock every kind of music and movies you can think of - from the top 40 to the best in underground rock and hip-hop, soul, electronica, new and classic jazz, world music, roots music, experimental music and educational material. We proudly stock the biggest, most diverse and affordable selection of DVDs and vinyl LPs in South East Queensland. Since we're a trading post for new and used discs, our stock changes daily meaning just about anything can be found here and there are new gems be to discovered every day.

At Atlantis Music, we're more than just a record store; we're a 21st century music outlet, an on-line store, a social media portal, a website, and in the future a live performance venue. Together with our customers we're a meeting place for Queensland’s most colourful community of progressive and creative musical minds.

As in any organisation, the people who work together, make our company what it is. We pride ourselves in selecting people with a unique blend of skills. Our staff is an all-star team of music retail veterans and fresh record enthusiasts, with a collective depth of knowledge that is virtually unparalleled in the business. Many of us are musicians, or make music our lives in one way or another, and we take seriously the importance of our customers' relationships to music. We put customer service first and foremost; after all, our mission is to bring people and music together to make everyone feel at home.

Atlantis Music arose out of a community of music lovers that wanted a better place for music than a corporate chain store, a place with the widest possible selection, better service, and more respect for people's ideas and lives. Together with you, we are part of a community of independent artists and listeners that wanted something more, and with you we've been able to take root and thrive in Queensland’s most amazing city. We're humbled by and thankful for the continuing support and success we've found in trying to create a store and a venue that's worthy of great music.