• 305 [ex Rental] : Tim Larson (Used DVD Ex Rental)
This is the not-so-legendary tale of the five not-so-brave Spartans who didn't go to Thermopylae, but instead were assigned to guard the secret goat path and ran away at the first sign of trouble. They were the laughing stock of the entire Spartan army. All they had to do was guard a lousy goat path. And they failed. Claudius, Darryl, Demetrius the Blind, Shazaam and Testicleese must embark on a hero's journey to redeem themselves and become true warriors armed with only a sharpened carrot, a rolling pin and an incredible sense of guilt. Smartly funny and based entirely on historical fact (allegedly), '305' proves that even the biggest losers get lucky sometimes.
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305 [ex Rental] : Tim Larson (Used DVD Ex Rental)

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