Vinyl to CD Transfer

Got some old records you just can't find on CD? Something precious you'd like to have on your ipod and preserve the vinyl on the shelf? Bring in anything you need professionally converted to CD/MP3.

When you consider how many times you will listen to the recording once converted, you need a service where you can be sure the record player is in perfect condition, and the signal path on it's way to 1s and 0s is clean noise free. With audio engineering qualifications, over a decade of music recording and production experience, calibrated equipment to make sure the pitch and playback of your your record is just right all make for a service worth every penny.

Prices include a CD and jewel case. Multiple single tracks will be combined onto 1 CD. Other formats (MP3, FLAC) are available on request.

Format Price

Single LP $30

Double LP $44

10" EP        $25

7" Single   $16

78's                 $8 per side

60 Minute Cassette         $37

90 Minute Cassette       $45

Single Track (any format) $9

Reel to Reel From                 $37 

We are also also able to transfer VHS, Betamax, Mini DV and 8mm HS to DVD