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Rex Foster is a monumentally important Texas singer/songwriter, a contemporary of Willie Nelson, Steven Fromholz, Jerry Jeff, and the rest of the redneck rockers in the '70s. SteadyBoy was thrilled to release his extraordinary Lost Recordings from 1974, and now, we are just as thrilled to release the latest from Rex, perhaps his finest work yet. Rex sings, plays, and writes from the heart, so this aptly named collection reflects that. Rex's first album, the 1971 collectors' item Roads of Tomorrow, was just that, a thoughtful musical eye toward the future. Now, at a different point in life, his "Summer of '69" reaches back with insight into a tumultuous time a half-century ago. Rex makes it feel like yesterday, reflecting with equal senses of joy and regret, treading emotional terrain that only songwriters of Rex's caliber can. And doing so with heart.

1. A Matter of Heart
2. I'm Comin' For You
3. It
4. Ridin' High
5. She Wants To Believe
6. Lighthearted
7. Sing Out Loud
8. Stop Carryin' the Stone
9. Summer of '69
10. What Would You Do

Release Date: 2019-02-15

Label: Steadyboy Records

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