Matty T Wall Second album Sidewinder released 2nd July 2018

June 25, 2018

Matty T Wall Second album Sidewinder released 2nd July 2018

The electrifying guitar of Matty T Wall extends from his native Australia to the world. With the release of his latest collection Sidewinder, Matty is writing
a new chapter in the musical narrative, revealing the power of his expanding artistry through guitar, voice, band and songs.
Key to the sound of Sidewinder is the presence of legendary Grammy-winning producer-engineer Bob Clearmountain. Famed for his work with the
Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and David Bowie among hundreds of other platinum artists, it is testimony to Matty T Wall’s musical integrity that
Clearmountain provides the sonic sparkle that reveals Sidewinder in all of its gritty glory.
Indeed, with his newest release, all of the sides of Matty T Wall are in full frame. A young man with a reverent link to his lineage and a vital musical
vision for the future: With Sidewinder, Matty T Wall turns it all the way up.
Track Listing:
1. “Slideride” (M.Wall)
The party kicks off with the hyperkinetic “Slideride,” with a power driven rhythm section and a wailing organ supporting Matty’s lacerating slide guitar. Echoing the rowdy
appeal of Seventies Southern rock, this rollicking instrumental provides an electrifying prelude that sets the stage.
2. “Sidewinder” (M.Wall)
With a distinctive tough rock edge and the introduction of Matty’s vocals to the mix, the title track, “Sidewinder” adds fuel to the fire. Breaking down into a half time interlude,
Matty delivers the promise “you can trust me,” before a feverishly flashy solo and wailing outro bring it all home.
3. “Something Beautiful” (R.Montbleau/T.Andrews)
A spirited vocal from Matty lightens up the energy with “Something Beautiful,” as he amps up with a lively take on this Trombone Shorty cover. Backing voices, a playful
guitar line and inventive counter rhythms from the band add to the celebratory “Big Easy” atmosphere of this upbeat track.
4. “Change Is Gonna Come” (S.Cooke)
“Change is Gonna Come,” the historic Sam Cooke call for racial parity, is a theme both timeless and timely. The song comes alive as Matty’s plaintive vocal interpretation
renders the lyrics in reverent homage, as he adds his searing, bluesy edge to a classic theme.
5. “Can’t Stop Thinkin” (M.Wall)
Stone authenticity and soulful vocals highlight the slow blues of “Can’t Stop Thinkin’” as the protagonist, ruminating over “empty bottles and boxes of pills.”
laments the loss of a love who was paradoxically both "the best and the worst I ever had.”
6. “Shake It” (M.Wall)
A raucously percussive prelude intros “Shake It,” a barroom tale of instant attraction. Double time rhythms support a sweltering solo; the vocals intone “shake it 'till you
break it,” as a good time is had by all.
7. “Going Down” (D.Nix)
Digging deep into the Southern Rock archives, Matty uncovers “Going Down,” a song penned by Don Nix and covered by Freddie King among many others. Matty and
company interject a new energy into the rock and roll standard with a dense orchestral onslaught of opaque strings and incendiary guitar work.
8. “Aint That The Truth” (M.Wall)
Staying on the soulful track, “Ain’t That the Truth” highlights Matty’s supple voice with breezy harmonies in counterpoint to the unmistakable angst within the lyrics – the
observations of life in a working class town with borders both physical and emotional.
9. “Sophia’s Strut” (M.Wall)
While the instrumentation of “Sophia’s Strut” is spare, the effect of its unusual time signature and stomping percussive track coupled with Matty’s spiraling guitar provides
an intriguing instrumental interlude of burning instrumental lines and a compelling energy.
10. “Walk Out The Door” (M.Wall)
As the band segues from a tumbling intro into a solid hard swinging rhythm, a fat horn section annotates “Walk Out The Door". It’s a proverbial lament: a man done wrong,
an open door, and an invitation for the guilty party to depart.
11. “Leave It All Behind” (M.Wall)
With pure simplicity, the alchemy of Matty’s voice and guitar connect on the pensive acoustic track, “Leave It All Behind.” Spare strings and subtle backing vocals orchestrate
this introspective interlude that shares a theme both achingly personal and deeply universal.
12. “Mississippi Kkkrossroads” (Chris Thomas King)
Police dogs and sirens frame harrowing scenarios with Matty’s interpretation of Chris Thomas King’s revelatory “Mississippi Kkkrossroads,” a documentary tale of racism and
persecution in stark relief somewhere along the dark rural roads of the Deep South.


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