Cleaning Services

Vinyl Cleaning Services


The HW-17 is VPI's automatic, affordable, “state of the art” vacuum cleaning solution. Many music lovers and record collectors have collections running into thousands of titles. With a collection of this size it is useful to have a faster machine.

The principle of a vacuum machine is simple. The record is placed on the platter and the cleaning solution is applied to the surface of the record with a pump which is then worked into the grooves.  This solution is crucial as it is an effective degreasing agent removing grease which binds detritus to the surface of the vinyl. 

This machine is fan cooled and made of Marine Grade Plywood so it is virtually indestructible. It was designed to be used in hour after hour cleaning large batches of vinyl without a break.  In addition, the motors are the highest quality with integral fan cooling ensuring a long working life. The platter drive motor rotates at 18 RPM and is bidirectional. The bidirectional function was installed in this machine to ensure that dirt which is in the bottom of the groove in one direction could be loosened by cleaning in the opposite direction. 

The fluid is applied to the vinyl via a pumped cleaning fluid reservoir built into the machine. This fluid applicator has been designed to apply a very even layer of fluid across the record without risking contamination of the label. The twin arms on top of the machine contain a vacuum slot and a cleaning brush.  Both of these arms are self adjusting allowing optimal operation on a variety of vinyl thicknesses without user intervention.

This critically acclaimed machine is standard equipment in record libraries such as the US Library of Congress and numerous radio stations.  This is one of the finest record cleaning machines in the World.


This is a premium audiophile service for those who want to hear their favourite LPs projecting more detail against blacker backgrounds than they’ve ever heard before…in other words, sounding as good as they can possibly be using current technology. There are many record cleaning providers out in the market who will perform a cheap, basic one-step clean, and we know that this type of service will satisfy most people…that’s not what this service is about.People using this service typically have audiophile systems capable of extracting the best from the LP record but feel that their source component (the LP) is capable of giving more…and it can!

Can we guarantee that your record will sound like a new one after this process?

No, there’s still no way of reversing the effects of groove wall damage or pressing irregularities…but we can guarantee that it will be as clean as it possibly can be using current cutting edge formulations and equipment…and the cleaner a record is, the more undistorted recorded information is passed on through the system.

The cleaning process entails brushing the record with each of the applied fluids for 1.5 minutes in forward rotation, than 1.5 minutes in reverse, before vacuuming dry…this is no quick wipe over, rather a process that will typically take a 20 minutes per record to complete


The Washer Fluid MKII encapsulates the dirt extracted from the record grooves and forces it to the bottom of the basin, preventing it from being re-deposited onto the record. The bright yellow color of the SPIN-CLEAN® Record Washer MKII allows you to easily see the dirt collecting at the bottom when you are done cleaning your albums or singles. After three turns in the Spin-Clean® record washing system, the dirt and the fingerprints are gone on both sides of the record along with the static. You can not only see the Spin-Clean® Record Washer MKII work, but you can also hear the difference in sound.  Listen as your old records move toward that "brand new" type sound, and marvel at how your new records will unlock their true high fidelity.  With no power requirements,  making it the "greenest" record cleaner in the industry, thus this is a carbon neutral cleaning device.


VPI Record Clean -     

        $15.00 per record

        $12.00 per record for 5 or more

        $10.00 per record for 20 or more

SPIN-CLEAN Record Clean

        $11.00 per record

        $9.00 per record for 5 or more

        $7.00 per record for 20 or more

CD's & DVD's Cleaning Services

VMI 3500 Buffer

Safely repair and maintain DVDs, CDs, Games, CD-ROMS, HD-DVDs and 3” discs (with included adapter) with Venmill’s industrial model VMI 3500 Buffing Unit. Unlike other repair solutions that rely on added wax filling and abrasive sanding, Venmill’s patented OptoClear™ Technology professionally protects your collection by using heat and force to smooth the disc’s plastic surface. Scratches and blemishes are actually gone and discs can be repaired an unlimited number of times.

Repair Process

After repeated use the polycarbonate plastic on discs can become scratched and scuffed, resulting in annoying interruptions or a complete loss of laser detection. Once this happens, cleaning kits are ineffective. The play surface of the disc now requires resurfacing and polishing to operate as intended. With advanced equipment it's possible to restore the play surface of CD's, DVD's, and Game Discs to a virtually flawless condition!

The repair process is done with high-speed automated precision equipment that uses material specifically tested and proven effective on CD, DVDs, and game discs. The severity of the damage on the disc determines the level of repair needed.

Our repair technicians inspect each disc to determine the severity of damage and repair it using the appropriate number of refinishing stages. If your disc is badly damaged with deep scratches it will go through several refinishing stages and one polish cycle.

The initial stage is done with precision sanding that effectively grinds the shiny surface to the depth of the deepest scratch. The subsequent stages are basically the same, but with finer sanding grades that begin to smooth and reshine the surface of the disc.

The final polish cycle gives your disc the brilliant shiny look allowing for optical clarity needed for uninterrupted laser detection.

Atlantis Music VMI will repair the disc to "virtually brand new condition". The original polished appearance will be restored. Some virtually undetectable hairline scratches may remain. Any damage done to the top or label side cannot be repaired.


VMI Disc Clean -     

    1 – 10                      $3.50

    11 – 25                    $2.95

    26 – 50                    $2.50

    51 – 100                  $1.80

    101 – 500               $1.50

    501 – 1000             $1.00

    1001 – 2500           $0.90

    2501 +                    $0.85

(note double disc are counted as 2 disc and double-sided disc are counted as 2)